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This plugin shows and hides the Geany menu and status bars on a keystroke.

Most of the time, when using Geany, I don't need the menu and status bars; they are just noise. But occasionally I want to check the status bar (e.g. for the line/column number) or browse the menu. So I want to toggle their visibility with a keystroke.


You need Geany 1.27+.

  1. Make sure that "Show status bar" (Geany preferences → Interface → Miscellaneous) is enabled.
  2. Install the GeanyPy plugin. On Debian/Ubuntu, install geany-plugin-py as well as python-gtk2.
  3. Download the latest release from
  4. Extract and put it on your Geany plugin path, e.g. in ~/.config/geany/plugins/.
  5. Open Geany's plugin manager (Tools → Plugin Manager) and enable GeanyPy and Toggle Bars.
  6. Select Toggle Bars, click Keybindings, and set your preferred key for "Toggle menu and status bars".


Just press your configured keybinding to toggle the menu and status bars.

Because it's so useful to see the progress bar during a build, the status bar will be automatically shown whenever the progress bar is shown (and hidden afterwards).

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