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What you will find here is a lot of plugin stuff for Geany. There is a Geany Plugins project containing a lot of plugins, which is developed by various developers on GitHub.

Any plugin delivered with the Geany Plugins project is listed on the left sidebar (Or rather any plugin providing a valid README file written in reStructuredText. There are some plugins in an early development state, not having such a README file yet.)

There also are some third party plugins for Geany. They are already listed on the left navigation bar, but maybe content is missing, yet. Feel free to kick our butts on IRC to complete also this pages and fill them with information.

If you are searching for any plugin for Geany or information about a plugin, this website is (or will be) the right place to get those information.

The pages for any plugin delivered with the Geany Plugins project are automatically generated by a shell script using rst2html from doctools and HTML Tidy. Basis for that are the README files for each plugin, checked out and updated from GitHub, so if you think there's something wrong, you can feel free to report issues against the according plugin (or even this website) at GitHub.
The source code of this script (including the whole source for the website itself) is available on GitHub as well.

If you are a plugin developer and wonder why your plugin is not listed here, there may be several reasons for that:

For any of these reasons, you will find more detailed hints on the List or update a plugin page.