This site is the home page for Geany plugins. It includes official Geany Plugins, as well as 3rd party ones.

Some plugins may lack details. Feel free to add them yourself or ask on our mailing lists about them.


See the Installation page.

Developer details

The code for the plugins from the Geany Plugins project is hosted on GitHub.

The details page for any plugin in the Geany Plugins project is automatically generated by a shell script from the README file of the plugin, using rst2html from doctools and HTML Tidy. If you think there's something wrong, feel free to report issues against the corresponding plugin at GitHub.

The source code of this script (including the whole source for the plugins.geany.org website itself) is available on GitHub as well.

If you are a plugin developer and wonder why your plugin is not listed here, there may be several reasons for that:

For any of these reasons, you will find more detailed hints on the List or update a plugin page.