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Displays CR character and displays LF character on beginning of lines, makes them selectable but not on triple click, auto insert or delete of line delimiters. Hides the line wrap marker, disables cursor blinking,((close geany to fully unload)) and other minor modifications that cannot be made through normal preferences

this is the full readme file for newline plugin, a x platform

cleans up the ending of files what a releaf.have you ever wanted to clean up the ending of files and make other things the way you want them to be.

note that this plugin helps implement some of the "line operations"

The main inspiration behind this plugin is because i like it better.

this is an experimental plugin.since the implementation was not straightforward it mostly serves as a functional model and there is probably lots of little bugs;report for example any newline characters appearing out of place;probably different undo behavior

mater of fact i can't really stand programming without this plugin despite its bugs

cant be held liable for any loss of data according to the use of this plugin or variants

please spread it across the interwebs starting from here


automatically insert a new line if there is no selection and a character is inserted at left of LF or at right of CR

automatically remove line delimiters if there is a selection and the rest of the line is deleted

triple click doesn't include any line delimeters in selection

selection fixed

reload remembers selection

so a line operation can be deleted or moved keeping the selection on a single line

handle mixed line delimeters in the same file

delete both CR LF pair if no selection and one is deleted

notepad copy broke, cut fixed, drag ok- copy cut context only work in geany only, drag to left and far right

the Newline hide function can be used to use regular expression search normally,and other menu items

the features go along with the fact that the line characters really already represent beginning and ending of lines it is just showing it. the selection and auto features go along with how at the beginning of a file there is always an assumed LF character and an assumed CR character at the end, not only a file but any piece of text.

Download Files List

project discussion page on sourceforge

Sources - these other 5 files expect to be placed with the external sources

newline_bat.cpp, newline.c, newline_sh.c - source files

newline.bat, newline_sh - build scripts for each platform

External Tools

geany-0.19.1.tar.gz - you will also need gcc compiler - you will need Visual Studio on windows

Compiled Files

includes two compiled versions placed alongside the other plugin files

newline.dll - for Notepad 6.5 or later and Scintilla 3.3.4 on windows - for Geany Vellam (0.19.1) and Scintilla 2.12 on linux

Development Notes

notepad is assumed to be unicode while geany and scintilla are ansi

even though this implementation is only possible through the use of substitute characters,these characters are meant to replace their corresponding characters exactly

reimplements cut,copy;copy and cut in the context menu can be used(in geany), not shortcuts--ignore this

Scintilla can you find nested undo level to prevent syntax errors?

clipboard editing is used for cut on windows only, and in the paste and fix copied menu items

i guess an example of where you would be selecting eol chars and not: LF mode select full line and drag to end of another. else triple click then drag to beginning


scintilla column select mode doesnt fully work with line wrapping

note that under regular operation on both platforms, changing the line ending mode and then undoing doesn't update the mode so line endings can get mixed(changing line ending/undo also allows mixed),or through the replace dialog

breaks auto indentation and undoing of words(both platforms)

visible line ending settings are not updated in the ui

column selection mode/replace dialog multiple lines puts in extra newlines--catches error

word count and sel in status bar of geany, and summary menu in notepad, is about doubled. in notepad sel in status bar is not shown because like rectangle mode is not counted.

column select mode: make a thin select and delete doesn't insert extra spaces, initially selecting half doesn't, enter does

reload doesn't remember selection on notepad,reload remembers selection but not first visible line on geany-there is a fix but it is too slow

dragging to after a CR or before LF the selection is cleared(fix especially for line)--fixed

replacin all is changin the selection(regular i guess)

if you hold the mouse down near a styled character it may blink because the selection is redrawn

CR mode select from whole line with leading not removed--fixed

no auto ins when failed drag?

dragging to beginning of line/auto ins and del both

drag whole line to end of same line broke because it does it before sc_notify so change it;in LF mode dragging the rest of a line to before the LF at the start of it messes up because auto_del should actually be done after auto_ins but its probably easier. same for CR.

auto remove got caught between CRLF

CRLF mode, copy dragging a whole line removes an LF from original line

Geany specific

for example if changes are made, then disabled, then undo, all the locations will be wrong--so the plugin should be in the same state before using undo------or Newline hide

can't drag to the right of selection within another length of the selection,because of scintilla version;related (LF mode)drag a line,keeping the selection on one line, to the end of itself but before the next line,it acts like it was typed before itself

for example replacing a full selection treated like drag?

dragging far right will use the clipboard in geany on linux

make it so the mouse area for dragging selected text is the same as the visible selection--currently it is off by half a character--(fixed in a newer version of geany)

geany word count- doesnt count lines when in CR mode(current)

Notepad specific

notepad if you convert eol then reload scintilla line mode is not reset except if you for example switch tabs and switch back

in CRLF mode insert blank line above current menu item is broken and it doesnt update the column

the plugin doesn't work until a file is read from disk, not if only new unsaved files are open on startup

notepad word select was hidden accidentally