geanymacro is a plugin to provide user defined macros for Geany. It started out as part of the ConText feature parity plugin, which was split into individual plugins to better suit Geany's ethos of being as light as possible while allowing users to select which features they want to add to the core editor. The idea was taken from a Text Editor for Windows called ConText.

This plugin alows you to record and use your own macros. Macros are sequences of actions that can then be repeated with a single key combination. So if you had dozens of lines where you wanted to delete the last 2 characters, you could simple start recording, press End, Backspace, Backspace, down line and then stop recording. Then simply trigger the macro and it would automaticaly edit the line and move to the next. You could then just repeatedly trigger the macro to do as many lines as you want.

Select Record Macro from the Tools menu and you will be prompted with a dialog box. You need to specify a key combination that isn't being used, and a name for the macro to help you identify it. Then press Record. What you do in the editor is then recorded until you select Stop Recording Macro from the Tools menu. Simply pressing the specified key combination will re-run the macro.

To edit the macros you already have select Edit Macro from the Tools menu. You can select a macro and delete it, or re-record it. You can also click on a macro's name and change it, or the key combination and re-define that asuming that the new name or key combination are not already in use.

You can alter the default behaviour of this plugin by selecting Plugin Manager under the Tools menu, selecting this plugin, and cliking Preferences. You can change: Save Macros when close Geany - If this is selected then Geany will save any

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recorded macros and reload them for use the next time you open Geany, if not they will be lost when Geany is closed.

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Ask before replaceing existing Macros - If this is selected then if you try
recording a macro over an existing one it will check before over-writing it, giving you the option of trying a different name or key trigger combination, otherwise it will simply erase any existing macros with the same name, or the same key trigger combination.