Download Geany-Plugins

The latest version is 2.0, you should take a look at the release notes.
Download Type SIG MD5 / SHA1
geany-plugins-2.0.tar.gz Source Code GPG Signature
geany-plugins-2.0.tar.bz2 Source Code GPG Signature
geany-plugins-2.0_setup.exe Win32 Installer GPG Signature

Older versions of Geany-Plugins can also be downloaded.

Verifying Signatures

The tarballs are signed with a GPG key to make sure the source code wasn't compromised somewhere on the net. You can verify you have the correct tarballs by checking if the GPG signature is correct. To do this, follow these instructions:



Note: The key B7A4039D0630EA07 is outdated, so your GPG-client might give you a warning. However, the signature itself is not affacted by this.

The command's output should state something like "Good Signature" and should return exit code 0. If you get another exit code it's likely, something went wrong.

Another complete example:

gpg --import < frlan-pubkey.txt
gpg --verify geany-plugins-2.0.tar.bz2.sig geany-plugins-2.0.tar.bz2

Download directly from version control

You can pull the sources for Geany-Plugins directly from version control as well. To do this, just clone the Git repository like this:

git clone geany-plugins

Build and install all plugins:

./ # Note this already runs ./configure
make install